New mum, Jazz, knows her onions . . .

Pregnancy put a favourite vegetable well and truly off the menu for DZG Bornean orang utan, Jazz.

DZG-onions-1webBut four months after giving birth the 19-year-old has rekindled her fancy for onions and once again made the smelly snack part of her five-a-day. 

Primate keepers were amused when the first-time mum shunned the shallots and opted for soft fruits and salads instead.

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, explained: “Jazz has always loved her onions but keepers noticed early on in her pregnancy she couldn’t face them and cut them out of her diet.”

Staff upped her intake of fruits, vegetables and cereals throughout the eight-and-a-half month pregnancy and in the early weeks of motherhood. 

Jill added:?”Jazz currently has an enormous appetite, so it’s important we keep supplies well stocked as she needs that food and energy to feed the baby, and staff have been adding to the daily shopping list to make sure we have extra snacks.

“They have gradually been introducing onions and she’s been eating them, so it looks like things are back to normal.”

The youngster – named Sprout by keepers – is feeding well, and keepers are certain she will be trying solids within a few weeks. 

Jill added:?”At the moment she’s taking a keen interest when mum has her food, but is still quite content with milk, but I’m sure that will all change in a few weeks when her first teeth come through, and no doubt she’ll be developing a taste for onion, like her mum.”

CAPTIONS: Keeper David Zebedee  with the once-favourite onions that are now back on the menu for first-time mum, Bornean orang utan Jazz.