New meerkat menu!

DZG’s 21 meerkats have been introduced to a new healthy diet to keep them fit and improve their dental hygiene.


Chicks and bananas have been taken off the menu for the 19 meerkats in the Tecton enclosure and the two in our Monkey Tails walkthrough enclosure.

Instead chicks, which have a fatty yolk sac, have been replaced by mice and carrots are served rather than sugary banana.

webmenuSection Leader Jay Haywood, pictured above with the new menu, said: “Keepers are constantly searching for new ways to improve the diets of our animals and keep them fit and healthy.

“For the meerkats we have lowered their fat content by taking away the chicks and introduced a special biscuit which will offer them better nutrition and help their dental health.”

He said Keepers shared information about animal diets with other zoos all the time to make sure they were giving creatures the healthiest foods.

DZG meerkats are fed three times a day starting with mice in the morning, a midday scatter feed of chopped apples, carrots and mealworms to encourage the meerkats to search for food, and the new biscuits make up their final course.

Jay said: “We tested out the new menu on the meerkats to make sure they liked it and we can definitely say it went down very well!”