New farm barn opens!

We’ve opened our new farm barn, the latest project to complete in our anniversary £295,000 revamp programme.

The heated and covered exhibit has taken three months to build and allows visitors to get even closer to a variety of small animals, including pygmy hedgehogs, millipedes, African Giant land snail and a European mantis.

Zoo Manager Matt Lewis, said: “We opened the barn on Saturday, after demolishing the old one and replacing it with one double its original size.

“It’s not complete yet and we’ll continue adding more exhibits and animals to it over the coming weeks, including rabbits, rats and guinea pigs, but visitors can see a range of critters, milk our popular model cow, Daisy, who’s returned following a makeover, plus take part in arts and crafts.

“We’re also creating separate corners, including a dedicated teaching area and a conservation corner where we can highlight all our animal projects and awareness weeks, which will make the barn more defined, before we turn to revamping the rest of the farm’s outdoor area after the summer.

Throughout the holidays, keepers will also be holding Creature Features every day, where visitors can get close to an invertebrate and a fluffy animal, so make sure you stop off at the farm during your visit and explore the new-look barn for yourselves between 12 – 12.45pm and 2.15 – 4.30pm.