New desert abode

Rhino iguanas, Trigger and Jane, are looking forward to settling into their new home – which keepers are decking out to look like their native desert surroundings.


Keepers are revamping a bigger enclosure for the pair in the Reptile House, using a concrete mix to create a sandy dune effect by hand.

web_dzg_reptile_house_paint_3Senior Keeper Sam Grove, pictured above with Senior Keeper Sophie Dugmore, said: “Rhinoceros iguanas are native to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and prefer dry, rocky terrains.

“We’re using our hands to get a rough, rocky look, which we’ve painted a sandy colour and the iguanas should hopefully be able to climb over it.”

Trigger and Jane are currently in another enclosure, but it is hoped the pair will relocate to their new abode by the spring.

Sam added: “The enclosure is currently work in progress. We’re only managing to spend a few hours a week on it and it’s usually one of the last jobs of the day, but it’s slowly starting to come together. “

Keepers are also set to add in a running waterfall and a box at the back, so they can begin box training with the pair, which will help with health checks.