New baby lemur twins!

There’s double delight in the Small Primate House as DZG Keepers celebrate the arrival of new ring-tailed lemur twins.


And proud mum Pheobe certainly knows what she’s doing –  it’s her second set of twins in exactly eight months!

The new little ones, pictured with mum left, were born on April 21st, and Phoebe gave birth to twin boys, Icarus and Kinich, on August 21st last year. 

The newborns join their dad, Frank, and their siblings – older brother twins Nelly and Kelly, big brother Spock, big sister Freya and young brothers Icarus and Kinich – in the mixed lemur exhibit.

Upper Primates Senior Keeper, Sophie Dugmore, said: “The new twins are doing really well and Pheobe is a very good mother.

“This is her seventh litter and she is very experienced and calm with the youngsters.”

Keepers will have to wait a few weeks until they are able to sex and name the newborns, as baby lemurs typically cling to their mums for at least 12 weeks.

Celebrating at the double! – The new ring-tailed lemur twins are just over two weeks old