New addition at Elephant House!

Visitors should head to our former Elephant House to see a new addition – an enormous model elephant head donated to DZG!


ABOVE – Head of Birds Kellie Piper introduces Kaiser the African spotted eagle owl to the new decoration which has gone up on his DZG home

The huge decorative head of an African elephant was one of many items of memorabilia given to us by staff at the neighbouring pub and restaurant The Bostin’ Fittle when it closed for a refurb.

The pub used to have a Dudley Zoo themed dining area and, as they were rebranding and opening as a Harvester, they offered us the old decorations and some nostalgic photographs and paintings.


Zoo Director Derek Grove, who looked after elephants for years when we kept them at DZG, said: “We thought the Elephant House was the perfect place to house the head and hope our visitors like the new addition.

“The building is now an off-show area which houses the birds of prey that take part in our flying displays but it’s a nice reminder of the wonderful elephants we have looked after here.”

Thanks very much to staff at the new Harvester!