Neat feet for New Year

Asiatic black bear Inca is now beautifully groomed for the New Year, thanks to a manicure from keepers and the DZG vet.


The 100kg 34-year-old bear was sedated by zoo vet Peter Stewart, pictured above, so he could trim her claws using oversized nail clippers.

Ungulates Section Leader Jay Haywood, pictured below, said: “Because Inca is a very old bear she can’t wear her claws down naturally by climbing, digging and scratching.

“While she was sedated it gave us chance to give her a full check and I’m pleased to say she is in very good health for her age.”


Asiatic bears are native to the Himalayan region, roaming the mountain range from Afghanistan through to China and Japan.


  NEAT FEET: for Inca after having her claws trimmed by zoo vet, Peter Stewart.