Native wildflowers

We’re not just proud of our formal flower beds here at DZC, did you know 80 per cent of the zoo site is actually made up of native wildflower areas and trees to provide a perfect habitat for bugs, birds and small mammals.

And our gardening team carefully manage and encourage these areas across our 40-acres, as well as maintaining the formal beds.
Specific wildflower spots can be found around the castle bank, Lemur Wood, the peccary enclosure, wallaby walkthrough, Snail Trail, water gardens and car park, while the zoo’s many native trees, which are covered by a tree protection order, are regularly managed and maintained by the team too.
Over the last few weeks, DZC Education and Conservation Presenter, Beth Randell, has also been busy developing the empty enclosure at the top of the chairlift into a wildlife garden, complete with bug houses, bird feeding stations and signage on how visitors can provide havens for native pollinators in their own gardens.
With a 97 per cent reduction of wild meadows in the UK since the 1930s, it’s important to provide pollen rich ecosystems to encourage pollinators and it’s really easy to pick up a packet of wildflower seeds and make your own mini meadow at home.
On site we have a wide variety of native flowers and trees growing across the zoo site throughout the year, including oxeye daisy, common knapweed, oak, horse chestnut and willow – have a look the next time you visit and see what you can spot.