Narna, our special bat!

Have you spotted our special bat who can’t fly?

Narna, an Egyptian fruit bat, can be found in our Castle Creatures exhibit, but we’ve never seen her fly and we’ve no idea why she won’t!

Trainee Keeper, Cara Sheldon, said: “Narna’s approximately three years old and she just hasn’t flown since we had her.

“When the bats first arrived at DZG ahead of the opening of Castle Creatures in 2015, we opened the box and they all flew out, apart from Narna, who was still sitting in there the next morning.

“She’s had a full health check by the vet, but there’s no medical reason why she can’t fly, she might just be lazy!”

Named after her favourite food, Narna can be regularly spotted hanging off the wooden cart in the exhibit – her favoured spot!

Try and spot Narna the next time you’re visiting DZG!