Name our animals!

Can you help us name our meerkats or flamingos?

We’ve discovered 18 of our Chilean flamingos and 13 meerkats don’t have official names on their zoo record, only identification numbers and we want to try and rectify that before Christmas with unique adoptions!

Marketing Manager, Andrea Hales, said: “Every animal on site has a permanent record which is kept updated regularly with its health, care and wellbeing details and can be shared and accessed across the world.

“The majority of our 1,500 strong exotic animal collection have names, usually chosen by keepers, so this is a unique opportunity for our zoo supporters to have their say.”

All the chosen adoption names will be added to the official records by DZG Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, who manages the zoo’s web-based ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System) records and the moniker will remain with the individual animal for its entire lifetime.

Prices of the special adoption packages start from £50 and include a certificate, animal factsheet and photo, the quarterly ZooNooz newsletter and a zoo admission ticket.

All purchases contribute to our vital conservation programmes, as well as helping us pay for special animal treats, toys, bedding, health checks, food bills, heating and more.

To adopt and name your own meerkat or flamingo CLICK HERE or call 01384 215313.