N-ice treat for tigers!

Our stunning Sumatran tigers Joao and Daseep had a n-ice treat this Bank Holiday when keepers made them a special ice lolly.


DZG Presenter Dorrie Hall explained to visitors during her Tiger Talk that keepers had made up the cool treat from pieces of meat and blood as an enrichment exercise.


The lolly was put in the swimming pool in the tiger enclosure and DZG member Kathryn Willett captured the moment three-year-old Joao went up to explore it in her gorgeous pictures above and right.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “This was something new for Joao and Daseep to try and our way of keeping them cool on the sunny Bank Holiday.

“They both enjoyed it, especially Joao who has started using the swimming pool at lot more lately.”

Hear more about Daseep and Joao by joining our Presenters for the daily Tiger Talk at 12.30pm at the Tiger’s Tecton enclosure.