N-ice and fruity!

Our seven chimps enjoyed exploring a cool treat added to their enclosure as the weather turned warmer over the weekend.

DZG Lower Primates Keepers made up a giant ice lolly to provide refreshment for the seven girls Mandy, Fanny, Barbie, Malaika, Binti, Mali and Banika.


ABOVE: Malaika and Fanny get to grips with the giant ice lolly

Keeper Jade Reddall said: “As the weather picked up we thought we would try and give the girls something refreshing and made a huge ice lolly full of different flavours.

“We used sugar-free squash and froze apple, orange, pineapple and blackcurrant drinks one by one to create layers of different flavours in a bowl.

“Malaika and her mum Fanny seemed the most interested in the lolly. At one point Malaika got stuck in and really seemed to be enjoying herself.”

weblolly1 weblolly1

ABOVE: Malaika enjoyed the n-ice lolly