My name’s Marvia!

Hi there, I’m a baby mara, and I’ve been named Marvia by our Facebook followers.

When we asked our Twitter and Facebook fans if they had any ideas for a name for me we never imagined we’d get almost 200 replies within a few hours!

So we dashed off to the keepers and asked them to choose – and they opted for Marvia.

A big thank you to the following Facebook and Twitter fans for giving me such a beautiful name . . .

Helen George, Cathy Durnall, Bia Khan, Aaron Hajzyk and Michelle Haviland-Jones Lawson

. . . they all decided to merge part of mum’s name, which is Olivia, with half of dad’s – he’s called Martin – and came up with Marvia.

dzg_mara_webSounds rather nice, don’t you think!

Thanks Helen, Cathy, Bia, Aaron and Michelle – we’re sending you all a free ticket for two so come and visit me soon!

With love,

Marvia X