Mum-to-be made cosy

Reptile keepers are preparing for the imminent arrival of a clutch of eggs by providing a cosy nesting box for a heavily pregnant Dabb lizard.


The nesting box, made up of 50 per cent compost and 50 per cent sand, would provide an ideal environment in the Reptile House enclosure for the female to lay.


A female can lay between five and 40 eggs, typically 30 days after mating, which are then incubated between 60 and 70 days.

Reptile keeper, Sam Grove, said: “The female is showing very positive signs she is ready to lay and has suddenly gone very large around her stomach area, so we’re expecting eggs any day now.”


Our female Rhinoceros iguana has been moved into a large enclosure in the Reptile House as keepers prepare to introduce her to male, Trigger.


In the hope the pair will breed, keepers have moved the female into one of the newly refurbished double enclosures before adding Trigger.

Reptile keeper, Sam Grove, said: “We didn’t want to put her directly in Trigger’s enclosure as he may get a bit territorial towards her. 

“He is a lot bigger than her, so we’ve also added large branches which will make it harder for him to get around the space, which she can get behind if he begins to get too boisterous.”