Mum and son’s DZG day

A mum and son from Walsall had a terrific time when they became DZG keepers for the day.


James Tolley treated his animal-mad mum, Anne, to the experience for her birthday and joined in the fun himself after discovering we offered a second person at a discounted rate.

James, aged 25, said: “I knew this would be an ideal gift as mum’s a massive animal lover and spends a lot of her time taking care of her own pack of guinea pigs and rabbits.”

During their day, James and Anne worked alongside keepers from all DZG’s sections and helped care for some very special animals!

James added: “There were too many best bits to mention, but obviously any chance to get hands on with the animals was great, especially the tapirs, giraffes, penguins and lemurs. 

“Working with the keepers was also great, it’s very rare you meet people who clearly love their jobs as much as DZG staff do. They were great at balancing the factual stuff about the care of different species with little stories about individual animals and the mischief they get up to!

“It was also great to see the work the zoo is undertaking to improve its appearance and conditions the animals live in. It had been 20 years since I visited the zoo, and even longer for my mum, so it was interesting to see how the old enclosures have been improved to better suit the animals living in them. “

Find out more how YOU can become a DZG keeper for the day, by clicking here.