Mum’s the word for Anna and Elsa

Nine gorgeous guinea pig babies have been born to two new mums, Anna and Elsa.

The first-time mums, who are sisters and named after the princesses in Disney’s magical film Frozen, gave birth within a quarter of an hour of each other.

CAPTION – A basket of furry bundles… Four-year-old Jetta Davies, dressed as Princess Elsa, and eleven-year-old Eliza Lewis, as Princess Anna, introduce our nine new guinea pigs babies

Anna gave birth to five babies on August 6 down on the DZG Farm and just 15 minutes later Elsa produced four little ones.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said: “We were with Anna when she was giving birth and I went to check on Elsa, wondering if her sister’s labour might set her off, and sure enough it had!

“We couldn’t believe that the sisters had given birth on the same day at more of less the same time but it was wonderful to see.

“We now have six baby boys and three girls and they are all adorable.”

  LEFT – Senior Keeper Kirsty Thornton shows off two of the newborns

Guinea pigs Anna and Elsa were donated to DZG by Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park and have been down on the Farm for six weeks.

They have only recently been named after the princess sisters from the movie Frozen, as all our guinea pigs have Disney names.

 RIGHT – Eleven-year-old Eliza Lewis, dressed as Princess Anna, and four-year-old Jetta Davies, as Princess Elsa, hold their furry Frozen namesakes

Lesley added: “We like to choose names from animated films our visitors like and when the two sisters came onto the Farm, Anna and Elsa were the obvious choice.

“We’ll have to get thinking of more names now for the little ones. The new mums are both doing well and the babies are loving all the attention they are getting from visitors.”

The farm’s public opening times are 12 noon to 12.45pm and then 2.15pm to 4.30pm daily.

Do come and see Anna, Elsa and their lovely little babies when you can!