Muddying the waters!

DZG’s mud-loving micro-pigs were in their element after Keepers on the Farm created a natural mud bath for them.


ABOVE: As happy as pigs in mud! – Keeper Chris Leeson hands out treats after filling up the natural paddling pool for the two-year-old males

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said when the weather was warmer they often dug out a section of the micro-pigs’ muddy enclosure and added water to create a paddling pool for brothers Brian, Little Ernie, Wilba, Chuck and Hamm. 


ABOVE – Hamm was first to head into the mud bath

Lesley said: “All the pigs love rolling around in the muddy water. In warmer weather the mud protects their skin from the sun, without the need for us to apply sun cream.

“Throughout the summer we’ll be filling up the pool every couple of days to keep it fresh for the five boys.”


Why not see if the micro-pigs are making a splash next time you’re down on the DZG Farm?