Mud, mud, glorious mud!

As the glorious sunshine continues, wallowing in mud has several health and beauty benefits for our micro-pigs.

Not only is mud great fun for Wilba, Chuck and their brothers down on the DZG Farm, it keeps them cool, helps them clean themselves, gets rid of parasites and acts as a natural sunscreen.

Senior Keeper Kirsty Thornton said: “Our mud-loving pigs are never happier than when wallowing in a natural paddling pool but the mud has so many practical benefits too.

“The main one for us, as the heatwave continues, is that it protects their skin from the sun, without the need for us to apply sun cream.”

As the temperature rises, keepers on the Farm frequently fill a dug-out section of the micro-pigs’ muddy enclosure with water to create a natural mud bath.

Enjoy the swine spa boys!