Mucking in!

It’s Global Recycling Day and here at DZC we take recycling seriously.

It’s also Compost Week – did you know we send off on average 29 tonnes of animal waste from our herbivore exotic species every month to Wolverhampton-based Jack Moody Group, who recycle it into fertiliser.
DZC staff carry out a muck-run around the 40-acre site every morning, collecting animal waste and bedding, a task which takes around three hours to complete!
Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson, said: “Keepers muck out enclosures each night and morning and store waste in specialist waste cabinets around site, which the team go around and collect before the zoo opens to the public at 10am.
“The waste is stored in a bunker in our off-show area, before our gardening team move it into a skip with their tractor, which is then collected once a month.”
And out of our 1,600-strong animal collection, it’s our three giraffes, Kubwa, Josie and Kira, who produce the most waste – ungulate keepers spend four hours every morning mucking out their indoor den and outdoor paddock!
Why not have a go at making your compost? It’s a brilliant, environmentally-friendly way of disposing of your garden and food scraps, including vegetable and fruit waste, leftovers and tea bags.