Mr and Mrs KFD!

A husband and wife from Huddersfield spent a memorable day together when they became zoo keepers at DZG.


Alun Davies and Heike Vehling decided on a joint present to celebrate their ‘significant’ birthdays this year and opted for a Keeper for the Day at DZG because they could experience it together.

The couple, who are keen wildlife fans and have been on safari in Kenya and South Africa, worked with a variety of animals including Asiatic lions, Sumatran tigers and Madagascan lemurs.

Heike said: “Coming to Dudley Zoo allowed us to interact with the animals much more closely than we have ever done before.

“All the keepers we met were very knowledgeable about the animals and enthusiastic about their jobs and the day packed in so much more than we had expected.

“We also met a number of animals which had not been on our  ‘must do’ list like the tapirs, birds and lemurs, but which we really enjoyed and got to appreciate in a whole new light.”