Moulting moments for reindeer

Three male reindeer in our breeding herd have given up their good looks for the next few weeks.

antlers-2-webThe boys are dropping velvety antler moults before they shed their entire antlers in spring – and their headgear is looking decidedly dodgy!

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “Visitors have commented on the strange looking antlers, but it’s nothing to worry about and is just typical behaviour. They always lose their moults at this time of year and shed their entire antlers in a few weeks time.”

He added: “Males tend to lose their antlers a few months before females, who shed theirs in the summer, but they grow back and will be fully grown in time for Christmas duties!”

CAPTION: Heads you lose: Assistant Curator RIchard Brown with one of the male reindeer who are shedding their velvety moults.