More mud for micro-pigs

Our micro-pigs are as happy as pigs in mud after moving into a bigger enclosure on the DZG Farm.


Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis, pictured above with our five male micro-pigs in their new home, said the pigs were enjoying the new surroundings which have more room and extra mud.

The five boys Brian, Little Ernie, Wilba, Chuck and Hamm have moved to a larger enclosure on the Farm and parents Poppy and Harley are now on their own in the big pen.


Lesley said: “Making this move has given all our micro-pigs more room and they are all getting lots of enrichment.

“They have a giant wooden reel to roll around, lots of boxes to explore and plenty of mud.”

Micro-pigs are the smallest breed of pig and weigh just nine ounces at birth.

Gestation is a precise three months, three weeks and three days.