Moorcroft’s meerkat enrichment

Our mob of meerkats had an exciting day when Moorcroft Wood Primary arrived armed with enrichment goodies.


The Year Three class visited DZG from their Bilston school to find out all about meerkats after adopting one of dominant females, Mabel.

Presenter Pam Midwood worked with the 29 children to construct enrichment boxes for the mob, which were filled with food treats and scrunched up newspaper for them to scrabble through.


Pam said: “We cut out holes in the side of the boxes, so the meerkats actually had to get in to discover what was inside.

“The children loved watching the meerkats delve inside the box and it was a great practical way to help explain how meerkats dig and forage for their food.”


Meerkats originate from southern Africa where they live in open grassland and savannahs.

They feed on scorpions, millipedes, snails, reptiles, small mammals and some plant material.