Monkey’s plant pot puzzler

What can you do with a pile of plastic plant pots and some string?

web_plant_pot2If you’re a keeper at DZG then you turn them into an exciting enrichment activity to keep the site’s small primates entertained for hours!

Head of Lower Primates, Nicola Wright, said: “We provide lots of enrichment activities for the primates in Monkey Tails.

“Not only does it keep them on their toes by making them work for their treats, but it also allows them to use their natural inquisitive and foraging behaviour.

“They love getting stuck in and trying to figure out the different activities we set for them, but it also means we have to continually think of new ways to keep them on their toes by putting every day items to novel uses!”

By using just a few old plastic pots, tied together with string, which were then tied onto the walkthrough exhibit’s swinging ropes, keepers kept the Squirrel Monkeys entertained for ages.



Inside each pot staff had hidden pieces of chopped up fruit and seeds, which were all mixed in with wood chip – forcing the primates to dig deep for their treats.

Nicola added: “It was great seeing them work as a team to get the food.

‘They figured out they could hang from the rope and grab the food out of the top pots quite easily, but getting the food from the lower hanging pots required a bit more thought as they needed to pull them up to get them higher.

“Because the pots also had holes in the bottom, they had to be careful to avoid the food falling through and out onto the floor.”