Monkey’s outdoor extension

DZG’s Columbian black spider monkeys can continue enjoying the longer evenings outdoors, thanks to the handiwork of our volunteer carpenters.


Geoff Benbow and Rob Jurczenko have worked alongside Lower Primates Keepers to build an off-show covered outdoor extension to the spider monkey’s indoor den, which allows Evita, Valentine, Charlie and Chester to spend as much time outdoors as they wish.


Lower Primates Section Leader, Nicola Wright, pictured above, said: “We wanted to design and build something which gave the spider monkeys continual access to the outdoors, once we’d got them out of their public enclosure.

dzg_spider_monkey_extension_3“They now have overnight access to their new outdoor extension, which we’ve built on the back of their den and they both absolutely love it.”

Keepers have also added climbing branches, tree stumps and foliage into the enclosure to provide enrichment for the primates.

Nicola added: “Now they can choose whether they go inside or out, but we’ve already noticed they prefer stopping outside when we get them in at the end of the day, so it’s already being well used and is just what we wanted, so we’re very grateful for Rob and Geoff’s talents.”