Monkey named Becks

Hello! I’m the newest addition to DZG’s black howler family.


As you can see I’m very cute with big brown eyes!

I’m only a few weeks old, but I have some very important news for you all.

My keepers have checked me over and confirmed I’m a boy, yippee!!

They’ve also named me Becks, suits me don’t you think?

Even though I’m a tiny baby, we primates have to be very strong from birth to be able to hold on tight to mum while she whizzes around from branch to branch – you can see me clinging onto my mum, Avyanna’s tail in this photo and I’ll be dependant on her for quite a few months yet.


Here’s another photo of me peeking from underneath her, while she cleans my big brother, Arie at the same time he is grooming our dad, Dargie – although you can only see his bottom in the picture!!

This is called social grooming and is something us primates regularly do together to bond and maintain our good looks.

You’ll notice dad is a different colour to the rest of us as male howlers are black, while females and juveniles are the same sandy colour, but Arie and I will go the same colour as dad when we’re older, which is good news, as I don’t want people thinking I’m a girl for too much longer!

Make sure you stop by the Small Primate House next time you’re visiting – I love posing for photographs and I’ll make sure I give you my best cheesy grin!  Or watch me on our latest video here>