Money for macaques

We’re sending more than £250 to a project helping to protect macaques in Indonesia, thanks to generous DZG visitors.

The terrific total of £257.40 was raised during International Macaque Week when primate keepers held an awareness event throughout the last Bank Holiday weekend.

An information stand was set up in the Castle Courtyard and keepers were on hand in the Rainforest Room to help spread the word about Selamatkan Yaki – a project working with critically endangered Sulawesi crested black macaques, like our own, out in Indonesia.

As well as donations there was a raffle to win original paintings from members of our non-breeding macaque group Simon, Steve and Sophie and key rings were sold featuring artwork from male Tambo.

Young visitors also made macaque masks and posed with a macaque crest in our International Macaque Week selfie frame.

Dudley Zoo Senior Primate Keeper, Jodie Dryden, said: “DZG has already committed to support Selamatkan Yaki and the incredible work they do for the next five years but we are so grateful for this extra boost.

“Every penny we can send to this project will make a real difference and help protect wild macaques from threats including the bush meat trade.”

Thanks for working with us to protect macaques in the wild