Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirrors donated through Amazon’s Wishlist are being put to use with various DZG bird species.

Trainee Keeper, Jess Jones, said: “We’ve put the Perspex mirror in with Oz the toucan who loves it and will sit and chat away to his reflection for ages.

“We also put it into the penguin enclosure for a few days as mirrors can potentially help with animal breeding, especially birds who live in flocks as it makes them believe there are more of them.

“At first the penguins were unaware of it, but when they did notice it then they began investigating it, particularly Elliot, our handreared Humboldt, who began checking out his reflection and puffing his chest out, which was very amusing to watch!”

As well as mirrors, supporters can purchase a variety of items for us from our wishlist which we can use towards enrichment for our animals, including herbs, hanging baskets, tools and artificial plants.

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