Michelle’s big cat birthday treat

Michelle Dickens, of Congleton in Cheshire, had a grrreat time feeding snow leopards as a birthday treat.

She said: “The snow leopards were just mesmerising, the zoo immaculate and all your staff so warm and friendly.


“I’d like to say a big thank you to keeper Laura Robbins; her pride, passion, knowledge and rapport with the animals was lovely to experience and being face to face with your beautiful snow leopards is something I will always remember.

“I was last at DZG a few years ago, when l was Chimpanzee Keeper for the Day. At 45 years old, l did wonder whether I was too old this time round, but there’s something about animals that just brings out the little kid in you.

“When we arrived I thought I would be allocated a big cat species, and couldn’t help let out an excited squeal when being told I could choose, and have my first choice of snow leopards!”

Michelle added: “It was been lovely to share all the photos with friends and family; they will be paying a visit over the next few weeks and my niece has already decided she would like to do Keeper for a Day for her birthday next July.   “Thanks again for such a brilliant day.”  

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