Mia’s best day ever

Nine-year-old Mia Maggs-Hardy had the best day ever when she became a Little Keeper at DZG. 


Mia travelled all the way from Fareham in Hampshire with her family, after she was presented with the experience for Christmas.

Mia said: “My older brothers and sister visited Dudley Zoo a long time ago and I always wanted to go, so my family got me the voucher for Christmas and we booked up and came in the Easter holiday and it was the best day ever!

“My favourite parts were feeding the penguins and stroking the tapirs.

“It was also fun cleaning and feeding the barbary sheep – they looked a bit like goats.

“When we fed the meerkats it was scary at first having the live mealworms in my hands, because they moved about, but I got used to it after about two handfuls. 

“But my favourite animal in the zoo were the squirrel monkeys, as they were mega cute!”

Little Zoo Keeper experiences are suitable for children aged between eight and 13-years-old. Click here for more information.