Meet the baby meerkats

Introducing Oleg and Boris, our month-old meerkat twins who are delighting visitors with their animal antics.

dzg_new_baby_meerkat_4_web   dzg_new_baby_meerkat_4_webThe youngsters were born on April 20 and are now venturing out into their Tecton enclosure under the watchful eye of adults within the 16-strong mob.   Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Both babies are doing well and are getting a little bolder every day.   “They are still very much under the guidance of the adult females, but they have settled in and are making the most of the sunshine.”   The gestation period for meerkats is around 77 days and females usually give birth underground.    The pups open their eyes at 10–14 days, but will not leave the burrow until they are around one month old, when other females will help raise them.