Meet our baby giraffe, Kito

Introducing Kito, our newborn Rothschild’s giraffe who took his first steps in the paddock today.


dzg_baby_giraffe_kito_1_webThe baby, who measures a mighty 6ft, was born late Tuesday afternoon to mum, 10-year-old Mia. Dad is 13-year-old Kubwa.

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “Kito’s arrival has delighted everyone at DZG.   “He spent yesterday in the internal den bonding with mum and we decided to let the pair of them out in the paddock today to enjoy the fine weather.”   He added: “He’s quite a tall baby for a newborn, and a very handsome chap and no doubt will fast become a favourite with visitors.”  

The name Kito means precious in Swahili.

Rothschild’s are the world’s rarest sub-species of giraffe, originating from Uganda and west central Kenya.  

They are easily identified by the colouring of their coat, which is made up of ragged brown patches separated by lighter creamier-coloured hair, with no markings to the lower leg. 

Each giraffe has a unique coat pattern, like a fingerprint.