Meet Maximo and Maisy

We’ve discovered our latest twin baby Patagonian maras are a boy and a girl and have named them Maximo and Maisy.

The twins, who were born to mum Martha and dad Barry on September 2, have just been sexed and microchipped by Assistant Curator Jay Haywood. And keepers on the ungulates section had the pleasure of coming up with the cracking names.

Jay said: “The keepers put their heads together and agreed the names Maximo and Maisy were a good combination for the little ones, who are very strong and healthy.

“The twins have grown quite considerably since they were born and enjoy playing together and running circles around their mum and dad.”

The Patagonian mara is the third largest rodent species in the world and is classed as near threatened on the IUCN Red Data list due to the loss of its habitat.