Meet Lenny the Mara

Say owamya to DZG’s new Patagonian mara who’s been named in honour of Black Country actor, comedian and DZG friend, Lenny Henry!


The two-and-a-half-year-old male joins females Martha and Chloe after translocating from Colchester to form a new DZG breeding group.

Ungulates Team Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “We have named him after comedian Lenny Henry and he is settling in brilliantly.”   His name was chosen by keepers in honour of Dudley-born comedian and actor Lenny Henry, who has just completed the voiceover for a short 1950s-style film of DZG to be screened early next year in our newly-opened Tecton Interpretation Centre.   Maras are large rodents that originate from South America. Soon after birth parents move their offspring to underground tunnels where they remain for around three weeks before venturing out.