Meet Bob!

A very affectionate bearded dragon who has just been donated to Dudley Zoo will get piles of attention from our young visitors.


ABOVE – Presenter Dorrie Hall with our new boy Bob

The male reptile is almost three years old and has been called Bob –in line with the tradition of naming all our bearded dragons on a Blackadder theme. Our three others are Edmund, Percy and of course Baldrick!

Bob was given to us by member Aaron Jacks who couldn’t keep him any longer but wanted him to go to a new home where he would be loved.

Presentation Assistant Amy Hickman said: “Bob loves to be handled and he’ll get bags of attention as one of the stars of our birthday parties, workshops, school visits and creature features.”

Bob, who is easily recognisable as his tail is shorter than most, can be found in the Discovery Centre with his new friends.

Drop by to see Bob when you’re next at DZG!