Meerkats’ pillowcase play fight!

Monkey Tails’ meerkats, Lucky and Marvin,  were quick to jump on the case when keepers stuffed old bed linen with hay and mealworms.


And they had quite a play fight over a pillowcase filled with enticing smells and treats.

Trainee keeper, Jade Reddall, said: “We like to keep the boys busy with different enrichment activities.

“We’ve never tried a pillowcase with them before, so we didn’t know how they would react, but they loved getting stuck into it.


“Meerkats love getting into small, confined spaces, so this was a brilliant activity for them.

“They both got straight inside and pulled everything out. They must have been playing with it for at least 45 minutes and then continued to drag the empty case around their enclosure for the rest of the day until they snuggled down on it in time for bedtime!”

Watch Lucky and Marvin in action as they explore the pillowcase in the video below…