Meerkats on a mission

Meerkat trio, Stanley, Marvin and Lucky, enjoyed fun and games with loo rolls and a few hidden treats!


Keepers fastened together a number of the inner cardboard tubes and placed them in the sand in the meerkat Monkey Tails enclosure, dropping in some of their favourite treats as an added treat for the brothers to find.

Lower Primates section leader, Nicola Wright, said: “It is great enrichment for them allowing them to work a little bit for their food, although our loo roll creation didn’t last long.”

The meerkats also had an unexpected visitor when Oscar the squirrel monkey dropped into their enclosure to try his luck at getting his hands on some of the treats.


Nicola added: “Oscar is the cheekiest monkey we have and is the only one who occasionally dares to go into the meerkat enclosure, but soon went away empty handed when he realised the meerkats weren’t going to leave any leftovers for him.”