Meerkats have fun in the sun!

It’s hot! But our meerkats aren’t too bothered by the heat, especially being native to the African desert.

They’ve been having fun in the sun destroying sandcastles built by our keepers, which have mealworms hidden inside!

Did you know meerkats are wonderfully adapted to live in the arid and sandy environment…

  • They have dark patches around their eyes to help with sun glare.
  • They have light brown thin fur to allow them to survive in the searing heat.
  • Their eyes also have a special membrane cover over them to stop sand from going in them.
  • They can also close their ears to keep out the sand.
  • Their tunnels of underground burrows are cool and shady to protect them during the hottest hours.
If you’re visiting today, we may have to make some last-minute changes to available exhibits and facilities and some of our animals may not be on show as take themselves off to the cool of indoor dens.
And please remember to stay safe in the sun.