Meerkat mural

?DZG’s meerkat mob can really feel at home in their South African savannah, thanks to the talents of local painter, Davy Turner.


Davy, pictured above, has transformed the inside of Meerkat Manor, the heated indoor den, with a desert-themed mural on the three plain walls, featuring acacia trees, rocks and a baobab tree.


Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “Davy freely gave up his time to help us and took just one day to complete the mural, which has really brought the den to life by mimicking the meerkats’ natural environment.”

meerkat_mural1The den, which is linked to their Tecton Reptillary enclosure by a tunnel system, includes a large viewing window so visitors can see the 17-strong mob inside and was built following an anonymous £1,000 donation from a DZG supporter in 2014.

Davy, from Kingswinford, said: “I last visited DZG four years ago when it was snowy and the meerkats were all huddled underneath a heat lamp.

“It’s really nice to be able to return and do one of my murals for my local zoo and I hope the meerkats approve of the work.”


Thanks for your help, Davy!