Marmoset moments


pyg_marmoset_webI’m one of DZG’s pygmy marmosets – did you know our species is the world’s smallest monkey?

We are inquisitive little creatures and like nothing better then checking out visitors who come to see us in the Small Primate House.


Did you know our favourite food is glue! Well, it’s not quite the same stuff as kids use in craft classes, but gum arabic, a gluey tree sap which we adore.

We also eat berries, fruit and flowers, and wriggly live food, such as little worms, locusts and crickets.


pyg_marmoset_webSTOP PRESS: I told you we are a bit nosy – well, we’ve just heard there’s a new arrival in the Primate House – a baby yellow breasted capuchin monkey, who is just a few weeks old – you’ll probably see it clinging to its mum’s back at the moment.

The baby hasn’t been named yet because keepers haven’t been able to find out if it’s a boy or girl, but I’m sure they’ll get round to that soon enough.

So when you’re next on site, make sure you come and visit us – and just remember to go quietly as we don’t want to frighten our new neighbour.