Marking Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day and we’ve got a special adoption package for our busiest mum on site.

Phoebe our 19 year-old matriarch ring-tailed lemur can certainly be classed as a super mum having successfully reared more than 15 offspring – many of who can be spotted in Lemur Wood!

This year, for your marvellous mothers we’re offering a joint adoption for Phoebe and her youngest son, Ronnie – who turns one on Mother’s Day!

The limited edition package starts from £50 and includes a gorgeous photo of Phoebe and Ronnie, a mini cuddly ring-tailed lemur toy, a factsheet, certificate and zoo ticket so she can visit her adopted animals when we reopen.

As our main source of income during lockdown 3.0 all adoption purchases help us raise vital zoo funds to support our conservation programmes, making a huge difference to endangered animals at home and across the globe.

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