Malaika’s enrichment extravaganza!

DZG’s chimpanzees enjoyed an enrichment party in celebration of Malaika’s 29th birthday!

Keepers decorated their outdoor paddock with blankets, sheets and pillow cases and left a variety of treats and items for them to play with – and birthday girl, Malaika, loved every second!

Senior Keeper, Stacey Ball, said: “The girls had plastic ball pit balls and boomer balls to play with, as well as scrunched up colourful tissue paper and I made papier mâché balloons, which I filled with seeds and raisins and I spread lemon curd on the climbing frame.

“We also gave them plastic straws filled with baby food, which the girls were then able to suck out.

“They like straws and will carry them throughout the day. Binti especially likes straws and will collect them all up later.

“It was great to see the girls investigating everything, particularly Malaika, who seemed to enjoy the party the most!”

If you’re visiting today, make sure you head down to chimps – located next to Lorikeet Lookout – for 3.15pm for our daily meet a chimp keeper talk!

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Watch the chimps enjoy their party in the video below…