Making nectar

DZ’s bird keepers are busy making up vats of sweet nectar ahead of the opening of Lorikeet Lookout on Saturday.


The mixture, which consists of sugar, honey, golden syrup, black treacle and cod liver oil, makes up the majority of the Australian Rainbow Lorikeets’ diet.

And opening this weekend, visitors will be able to feed the colourful birds the nectar from small pots, which will be available at the entrance of the new walkthrough exhibit.

web_dz_loikeet_lookout_10_copySection Leader, Nicola Wright, pictured above, said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors in to see the birds from Saturday.

“We make the nectar up each morning, which they feed from throughout the day and they certainly seem to enjoy it.”

Lorikeets lap up the nectar using their unusual tongue, which is long and narrow with a bristly brush at the end – pictured left. 

Their diet will also be supplemented with seeds and fruit, including apples, pears, bananas and grapes. 

Lorikeet Lookout will open at 11am on Saturday!