Makalu’s meaty treats

Our cheeky nine-month-old snow leopard cub, Makalu, seems to be the only one NOT on a New Year diet as he munches his way through up to 1kg of meat each day!


And he’s also worked out that the arrival of Keeper For a Day participants means there’s an extra tasty treat coming his way, too!

Big Cat Keeper, Sarah Evans, pictured above, said: “By watching mum, Nanga and dad, Margaash during big cat experiences over the last few weeks, where they take chunks of meat off sticks from visitors, he’s now realised that they’re being fed an extra treat and so he’s started to bound over to the fence as soon as he sees us appear with the Day Keepers.

“He’s so eager for food that he’s even tried to push mum and dad away so he gets his turn first – and that’s all in addition to his teatime meal of quails and chickens or pieces of beef which he gets when we get them in for the night”


Keeper for a Day experiences and Close Encounters allow participants to discover what goes on behind-the-scenes of DZG daily life, by helping keepers feed and care for some of the rarest animals in the world, including big cats, primates, birds and ungulates.

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