Makalu’s hidey-hole!

web_lep_cub_1Makalu is fast becoming a mischievous little snow leopard!

The 14-week-old cub has found a hiding spot in the internal den which he thinks makes him invisible to keepers when lock-up time arrives.

Senior Keeper, Adam Walker, said: “Every evening, around bedtime, Makalu squeezes himself in between the mesh and the wall because he doesn’t like coming in for the night, so tries to hide from us.

“He thinks he’s well hidden, but unfortunately for him, he clearly isn’t, so he still has to come in for bed.”

Makalu’s hidey-hole is also the perfect place to pounce out on unsuspecting mum, Nanga, and for curling up for a quick catnap after having your final inoculations from the zoo vet!

web_lep_cub_1     web_lep_cub_1