Makalu meets Tobias

We just had to share this clip of two-year-old Tobias Reay making friends with snow leopard cub, Makalu.

Tobias, along with mum and dad, Amina and Michael, fell in love with our mischievous eight-month-old cub when they recently visited DZG for the first time.

screen_shot_2014-11-19_at_15.50.57Amina, from Walsall, said: “Every time Tobias went up to the window the cub was following him and tapping the glass, where Tobias had his hands.

“Even when we went to look through the window in the indoor den, the cub came bounding inside and did exactly the same.

“Tobias loved it and was laughing so much.

“We’d not been to the zoo before, but we all had a brilliant day, especially Tobias and as his third birthday is coming up in January, we’ve adopted Makalu for him as a surprise, so we can come back and see him again soon.”

DZG Media and Communications Officer, Rachel Hickman, said: “We loved seeing Amina’s phone video clip that she sent us via Twitter, it looked like Tobias and Makalu had great fun playing together!”

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