Maddy’s tapir snuggle

Our three Brazilian tapirs made a big impression on nine-year-old Maddy Tolley when she became a Little Zoo Keeper for the Day.


Maddy, from Leamington Spa, was treated to the gift by her parents, after she spotted the experience on our website and loved snuggling with Chico, Meena and Ronnie in the South American paddock.

Maddy said: “I really enjoyed going to Dudley Zoo it was a fun packed day with loads of activities to do.  My favourite part was playing with the strange nosed tapirs, they were really friendly and even rolled over for a tummy rub. 

“It definitely was a special occasion being a little zoo keeper for a day as it was amazing feeding the penguins and holding lizards. “

Little Zoo Keeper experiences are suitable for children aged between eight – 13.

During their day they get the chance to go behind the scenes to see how our Zoo works and meet some of the site’s smaller animals, as well as helping keepers muck out and care for the animals on the farm.

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