Lynx family are on a roll!

DZG’s Carpathian lynx family were on a roll when keepers added treat-filled cardboard tubes to their paddock.


The tubes were donated by a kind-hearted DZG supporter, who bought them from the zoo’s Amazon wish list.

weblynxfamily1Big cat keepers removed the plastic ends from the tubes and filled the cardboard rolls with beef chunks and straw before leaving them for dad Dave, mum Daisy and their kittens, brothers Dante and Dakota who will be six months old next week.

ABOVE AND RIGHT – Rolls for lunch… Dad Dave is the first to investigate the sweet-smelling tubes

Staff also sprayed the tubes with perfume for added enrichment as it encourages the lynx to track down the smells and tests their natural abilities.

Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden said: “It wasn’t long before the tubes were shredded and the lynx found their meaty surprises.

“They all had great fun picking up the tubes and running around with them too. It was lovely to watch and we are so grateful to our supporters for buying items like these tubes.”

BELOW – Mum Daisy keeps a close eye on her gorgeous kittens as they enjoy exploring new smells and tastes


Lower Primates Section Leader Nicola Wright, who set up the wish list, said: “Quite a few zoos across Britain and Europe have created Amazon wish lists and visitors seem to like being able to buy something knowing that it will be useful or go to a certain type of animal.

“Thanks to everyone who has been so generous and supported this venture. These items, no matter how small, can make such a big difference here at Dudley Zoo.”

DZG created the wish list at the end of August offering supporters a new way to help care for some the world’s most endangered animals.

The list features a wide range of practical items which can be purchased online and delivered directly to our Castle Hill site.

The full Dudley Zoo wish list is available by CLICKING HERE or searching for Dudley Zoo in the wish list section on Amazon’s UK homepage.

Take a look at what the lynx family thought of the tubes in our video below