Lynx cubs sexed!

Big cat keepers faced a challenge giving three feisty lynx cubs their first health checks – and discovering we have two boys and a girl!

dzg_lynx_trio_webBut first the team had to catch the lively three-month-old triplets, which proved more difficult than first anticipated!

Senior Keeper, Adam Walker, said: “We quickly discovered that despite their cute looks they have very sharp claws and teeth, growl and hiss a lot and jump about – they did not like being caught!”

Zoo Vet, Peter Stewart gave the trio their first inoculations, checked their weight and confirmed sexes – now keepers are now busy thinking of names for the two males and female.

Adam added: “The cubs are making really good progress and are growing quickly. One of the boys weighs 2.2 kilos, while the other boy and girl weigh 2.3 kilos, so they’re exactly where they should be for their age.”

The cubs were born on May 23 to mum, four-year-old mum, Daisy and three-year-old dad, Dave and can regularly be spotted playing together in their outdoor enclosure. 


The youngsters proved quite a challenge for keepers to catch!