Lynx arrive safe and sound

Two of our first ever Carpathian lynx triplets Dick and Daphne have arrived safely at their new European homes.


ABOVE: Bon voyage! – The moment Dick and Daphne left DZG in specially-built transport kennels. They were loaded into the specialist livestock vehicle by Senior Keeper Neil Flockhart and Section Leader Jay Haywood

The one-year-olds left DZG on Wednesday to form new breeding pairs with Dick going to Espace Animalier de la Haute Touche in the Loire Valley in France and Daphne to Wildpark Peter und Paul in Switzerland.

weblynxoffphoto_1   weblynxoffphoto_1

ABOVE: So long, farwell – Dick and Daphne have left to form families of their own in Europe

And our Curator Richard Brown has now had confirmation from both destinations to say Dick and Daphne have reached their new homes and that both journeys went well.

Richard said: “We wanted to let our visitors and supporters know that both Dick and Daphne have arrived safe and well in their new zoos.

“We know they will be missed but we are very proud that they are part of a successful conservation programme and will hopefully go on to produce cubs of their own.”

The other triplet Dom will be leaving us at the end of September for Pécs Zoo in Hungary.

Triplets Dick, Dom and Daphne were born at DZG on May 23, 2014 – the first Carpathians to be born here. Their parents Dave and Daisy went on to have a second litter on May 20 this year when twin brothers Dante and Dakota arrived.